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Published on August 23rd, 2016 @ 03:42:00 pm , using 407 words
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It was 2010 when we lost Leonard "Red" Bird, one of the principals behind RoughRoadReview.com.

In 2014, we lost Keith Keller, a good friend to RRR, and a man whose collected stories of New York, New Jersey, and Togo we published under the Rough Road Press imprint.

In March of 2016, we lost Bill Pearlman, the driving force behind RRR and the creator of most of the content on this site. I renewed the RoughRoadReview.com domain name on his birthday last week.

Rough Road Review was started in 2003 by Bill Pearlman, Dick Hopkins, and webmaster Gary Priester. Dick passed away a few years later, which opened the door for Red to join the team, and I took over the webmaster and hosting duties from Gary in 2008. Eight years later, there are only two of us left in the core group: Contributor Steve Belasco and myself (Stace Johnson, Webmaster and Contributing Editor.) Upon Red's passing, I assumed the financial responsibility for keeping the site running, and will continue to do so.

I've corresponded with Steve Belasco about the future of the site, now that its founding fathers have all passed. We agreed that I will continue to maintain and host Rough Road Review, as well as taking over all editorial duties. Steve will continue to be a welcome contributor to the site when the inspiration hits, and I may consider adding other contributors as needed, depending on the site's future growth.

In addition to those changes, I will be redesigning the site to give it a more modern feel, and also to make it friendlier to poetry. Under the current software package, it is difficult to maintain a poem's intended form, and newer software packages can accommodate poetry more easily. I intend to keep the original vision of RoughRoadReview intact, as stated by Bill Pearlman and Red Bird:

Our mission is to promote greater reverence for life, truth and beauty, and to explore the hopes and fears of our inter-connectedness. In the midst of the mysteries and crises that will continue to challenge our imagination and will, we believe that the written word--in poetry, fiction and commentary--can push back against mankind's dismaying and recurring plunge toward misunderstanding and war. We invite submissions from progressives everywhere.

In correspondence, both Bill and Red often used to close their missives with "Onward!" I can think of no more appropriate way to end this post, so please join me in taking Rough Road Review ...


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