Pope Francis in the Americas

Posted by: Bill Pearlman
Published on September 26th, 2015 @ 05:50:00 pm , using 129 words
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Pope Francis' visit to Cuba and the US has brought into the perception of many of us something unique in modern life. A vision of what some sort of spiritual power can do to ignite a remembrance of things outside time & allowing a force field to concur with our own needs. He has invigorated a sense of a world community of love. And no matter there will be critics, what his presence has done is determined not by ideology but by the numinous elementals of coincidence of an actual person and the times which he has entered, a vast experience of caring for us all. I am grateful for this gift; Francis is a true force for the good of mankind and should be celebrated as such. Onward.

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Comment from: Jessica Marlborough [Visitor]
Yes, this was a scolding and a blessing. This Argentine cleric stood tall wherever he spoke. The UN speech was a good universal invocation of world peace. A good man.
10/13/15 @ 14:33