Posted by: Steve Belasco
Published on April 7th, 2016 @ 10:36:00 pm , using 110 words
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         A cat

                  probably took him

                  they like to kill that way

                  wait for dark

                  whisper a claw through your blood supply

                  lap up the spillage

                  by dawn it looks clean.

         Your cat

                  likes the dark

                  has the eyes for it

                  and doesn’t say much.

         Wish I could say I warned him but I didn’t.

         Wish I could say I was with him but I wasn’t.

         Wish I could say he misses me but he doesn’t.

         I’ll have to do the missing for us both.

         Sometimes when you get dumped

                  It’s just so long

         But every now and then it’s death.


        Yeah,  a cat

                  probably took him


                  and took him by surprise.

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Comment from: Stace Johnson [Member] Email
I really like this, Steve. Thanks for posting it.
04/13/16 @ 13:35