In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

Jackie Theriot [Visitor]
Keith and I were house mates together during peace corps in Togo, Africa.

Did not know he had passed. Such a great guy living in the same house for two years. May he rest in peace.
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In response to: Gene Selznick: the Greatest Beach Volleyball Player

Gary [Visitor]
Sorry to just now hear of Gene's passing all those years ago. Didn't he also co-own a restaurant up on the Sunset Strip back in the late 60's or 70's? And one down at the beach? Love to hear more if he did.
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Stace Johnson [Member]
I really like this, Steve. Thanks for posting it.
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In response to: Goodbye Bill

Stace Johnson [Member]
This is sad, sad news, Steve. Thank you for posting it. You're right, from the start, Bill was the driving force behind this site, and he did a great job keeping it relevant.

I'll miss him.
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In response to: Goodbye Bill

Lynda Schor [Visitor]
Bill, larger than life, hard to imagine him gone. We're going to miss him a lot here in San Miguel.
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In response to: Stephen Rodefer 1940-2015

Peter B. Ives [Visitor]
Saw and heard Mr Rodefer at a poetry reading at UNM in Albuquerque in the late '60s with several other poets. I was a very impressed undergrad, but didn't realize until much later how lucky we were. The English Dept brought in lots of powerhouse talent then. Not so much now. RIP.
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In response to: AND THE POLARITIES CRISS-CROSS by Bill Pearlman

Jason Furgeson [Visitor]
Poverty is not very romantic, though DHL probably meant that he would recommend love over gold digging. This letter was a query from JM Murry regarding marrying Katherine Mansfield who was used to wealth. They married anyway, but word has it KM was more into women than men, so wealth or poverty was not really the main issue.
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Milly Gonzalez Johnson [Visitor]
So sad to hear of KK passing, I met him in Paterson, NJ in the late 70s. May his soul rest in peace. He was surely one of a kind.
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In response to: Stephen Rodefer 1940-2015

George Meredith [Visitor]
Saw him read in San Diego and he also organized a George Oppen conference. Rodefer was a dashing figure, an old-time throwback to the poet as handsome rogue or lover with questionable boundaries. He had a good presence, and women seemed drawn to him as bees to the invisble honey of his poetry.
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In response to: PRESIDENT TRUMP by David Stea

George Ingraham [Visitor]
Bitter irony in this, though comical enough in the short-term. Let's try to keep it from happening
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In response to: PRESIDENT TRUMP by David Stea

Jorge Constanza [Visitor]
Very funny, let's hope it doesn't happen. But it could. The US is such a hopelessly incompetent place.
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In response to: THREE POEMS by Bill Pearlman

Laura Greenberg [Visitor]
These poems have a lot going for them. Dreams are complicated and turning dreams into poetry has been a hard task. But though they require lots of 'suspension of disbelief', they are actually pretty interesting. Maybe a dream poetry book could come of some of them.
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In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

Sheryl Fisher [Visitor]
I am devastated to learn that Keith is gone. It hurts. We shared so many too-good-to-be-true adventures when we were in love, during our five years together. It seems incredible, yet I realize all those amazing things really happened.

Life has a way of being bigger than I give it credit for these days.

I treasure my memory of Keith and pray. Love always.
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In response to: Pope Francis in the Americas

Jessica Marlborough [Visitor]
Yes, this was a scolding and a blessing. This Argentine cleric stood tall wherever he spoke. The UN speech was a good universal invocation of world peace. A good man.
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In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

G Faust [Visitor]
Say it isn't so!!! He was my Tae Kwon Do instructor back in the late 70's early 80's

Sabumnim Keller was quite the character, but he had a heart of gold for those close to him.

Me and my dojang brothers used to visit his loft in Paterson back in the day...I can remember when some of the paintings were still wet!

RIP Sabumnim!!!
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In response to: A BIRTHDAY GATHERING AUGUST 19, 2015

R. Sparks [Visitor]
Steve was one of the most loving men I have ever known. It was as if he embodied sexual love, and I will never forget our times together.
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In response to: Stephen Rodefer 1940-2015

Jerry Mirabel [Visitor]
Good poet Rodefer and handsome man. I saw him read in Oakland, seemed a bit aloof, maybe stoned, but the reading was good and he had a fine demeanor. I liked his love poems
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In response to: Stephen Rodefer 1940-2015

John Bean [Visitor]
Great to hear from you and Geoff after all these years.
We lean tenuously upon each other like a pile of sticks in this strange life.
Pull one away and the whole pile compresses....
and we find one another again.
I miss running with you.
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In response to: Stephen Rodefer 1940-2015

Scott Bentley [Visitor]
Ear up, or
Get off

—in memory of Stephen Rodefer (1940-2015)

Temptations in sex, given

up approximate location. Just to stand
under the place holder your language cast
across conclusion. No one’s right, everyone
believes, more simply—one stop short

less becoming. And to sidle up
with a hoarse voice hushes

the animal. Whenever we, too,
put on those lovely gloves, over

and out these findings
a fingerling, adrift

in consensual draft, Lincoln

Taken with particular errant
accent, a likeness.

this may never, for once
taste anything at all: like chicken. Fear not, now
and again I say, ‘rejoice, rejoice.’ In Indiana
Diana was a huntress. Note, how

nude the word ‘tampon’ in pieces finds itself, broken
beneath the shelf of the previous stanza.
Chandelier, swing low
the party zealots

speak bakery French—
chief loaf chef bus

so sheer a kiss that parting scores, alive
nor any longer a matter of desire. Let’s re-do
in order to detour the book the outcome
rent its plural detriment. As is today

alacrity our country nonsense. He’s dead
to me, to you, a mere

dance, shadow step

reflect, move over.
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In response to: AFTER RILKE

Ingrid Falk [Visitor]
Good passing extensions of a meditation on the surging sea. I like it too. Just once in a while that fullness arrives. But good it does.
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In response to: For Jack Hirschman on His 80th Birthday

Jim Gurganis [Visitor]
Good homage. A strange and important poet that Jack H. His integrity is strong and though he has passed through a lot of stages, he is an activist poet in the best tradition.
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In response to: Ram Dass on Relationships

Yolanda Perez [Visitor]
The complexities Alpert (Dass) gets to here are quite a trip. He says we put the relationship on a back burner. Then he says a la Rilke that he can't hear his own truth when with someone. And then trying to change someone becomes the focus. Wow! It is pretty amazing people do manage to keep things together.
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In response to: The Guanajuato International Film Festival

Frank Nicolas [Visitor]
I agree some of this was good. The film festival may be the best artwork done in the medium now. Too bad money has won so many hearts in the art world. Notice also there is no Nobel Prize in film or painting or music. It may also be that writers of indie films are doing the important work that fame would not permit.
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In response to: The Guanajuato International Film Festival

Tomas Sanchez [Visitor]
Yes, some of film we liked. So good to see new work, not filtered with money systems. I liked many documentaries and the features at Cinemex ok. The Mexican film about autodenfesas good and the director took a lot of chances. That is what's lacking in big blockbusters based in comic books.
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In response to: Good News on Obamacare from the Supremes

Joe Stark [Visitor]
Too much text, but Krugman is right again. It is a substantive mess Obama's attempts at progressive legislation, but he will I think look ok as history moves beyond this troubled era.
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In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

Robert Schlee [Visitor]
Roommate,actor,musician,striker,.NYC/ Still searching for his presence.
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In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

Robert Schlee [Visitor]
Met Keith in the 60's here in NYC after he returned from the Peace Corps in Africa. He'd pick up jazz musicians from local clubs bring them home and paint all night in the kitchen.Odette & I were to visit him after she retired last year.It's painful. We'd hoped for years of reflection.Also I hoped he'd rewrite that damn story of joe/bob on strike on the bike.We lived honest lives in dishonest times.5/14/2015
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In response to: 'If Only' and Suicide

James Carson [Visitor]
There are states of pain in the psyche that defy category. The desire to be rid of them unhappily surpasses all remedy short of the self slaughter we so often end up seeing. But this decision does not come without an often long attempt at other options.
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In response to: THE PART (A Fictional Theatrical), by Bill Pearlman

Harry Hopner [Visitor]
Backstage romance is an old story. You do well with it. But there is no solution to the problem of loyalty vs. new relationships, especially when in theater work as you describe it there is a hothouse situation. Everyone gets close, very close.
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In response to: THE PART (A Fictional Theatrical), by Bill Pearlman

James Carbonera [Visitor]
This is a strong study of the actor's condition, and has lifelike feelings and connections. Hope it has an audience. I know that scene pretty well, but never got into it like you did.
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In response to: AFTER RILKE

Frank Finnerman [Visitor]
After Rilke comes with so much longing to spill into time and lament, but ok, let it fly.
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In response to: Beyond (for Robert Gover) by Peter Marin

Greg Foreman [Visitor]
Good novel the Misunderstanding. Didn't read much else. RIP
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In response to: Jeff Johnson, Big Wave Surfer, 1943-2009

Juan quadrone [Visitor]
In 1967 some friends and I were sleeping on the beach between kaanapali and Lahaina when jeff and his wife wrecked their sailboat on the reef right off our camp. We swam out and pushed the boat off the coral so he could deal with it in the morning. As we sat around the fire drying off I realized he had a boat, a wife, a skilled trade, and was riding bigger waves than us. Even though he was only a couple years older, he had a sustainable lifestyle and we were useless flakes. Years later I use to see him in the water on the north shore and never mentioned it, but his duality of craziness and maturity was always a goal I've tried to obtain.
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In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

sheila hurley [Visitor]
I remember lovely things about Keith. He was a friend of my late mother, he was such a very talented artist, and I had looked forward to seeing him again. So sorry he passed too young, far too soon. Thank you Bill, your poem is beautiful.
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In response to: OF NEGATIVITY by Bill Pearlman

george maladona [Visitor]
This says a lot about modern problems, especially when it comes to trying to negotiate a relationship with certain kinds of new age thinkers. You need to always be supportive of many people, for they cannot stand any negative feedback. This of course is nearly impossible, so relationships rise and fall, depending on the parties.
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In response to: Ram Dass on Relationships

Joe Favoritoria [Visitor]
You can't expect much from relationships, and yet we still think it could turn out just right. You are kidding yourself.
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In response to: A SORT OF QUERY & other poems

George Mellon [Visitor]
Sorrow we waste, said Rilke. You do ok with these themes. I hope you know how to lighten the dark. Not so bad this living, when all is said. Holding tight is not always a good thing.
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In response to: A SORT OF QUERY & other poems

Zelda Frumkin [Visitor]
Sounds like some losses have come your way. You write well. Hope some of the pain dissipates, but the good thing about poetry is that it can handle down states of mind as well as the high times. Good luck.
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In response to: In Memoriam: Bill Dodd, RRR editor, commentator and poet, 1941-2009

John-Paul Jeremy [Visitor]
I hope this reaches some of his family, particually Dorothy. I have come upon a letter addressed to my Grandmother (Dillys Jeremy) with a number of books sent to her from Bill. I was wondering if you would like me to send copies to you. He mentioned at the end of the letter that he liked the idea of the books remaining in Llan. Please let me know if there is anywhere in particular you want me to send these books onto. Please contact me via email: and id be happy to try and help.

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In response to: Robin Williams' Suicide and its Aftermath

Jerry Carruthers [Visitor]
Good points. I had a friend who seemed to have everything going, but then decided to take himself to a remote place and take his own life. He was so overwhelmed by depression and his so-called demons that he did not see any other way out. Sad, but there are depressive states that are staggeringly problematic, tragic and life-threatening.
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In response to: 'If Only' and Suicide

Jan Figureoa [Visitor]
The stigma and the sense that the system will suck you in are prominent features of this problem. Families think they can solve all mental health problems, but they are often wrong. Which doesn't mean professionals are always better. But sometimes worth a try.
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In response to: AHEAD OF OURSELVES Remembering Keith Keller 1943-2014

JG Overton [Visitor]
Good you mentioned forgiveness. As good a guy as KK could be, he also liked to argue and when he thought he was right, you had a hard time getting a word in.
But yes, he had a good side, along with the shadow side.
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In response to: For Keith Keller 1943-2014

Stace Johnson [Member]
Well said, Bill. R.I.P., Keith.
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Florence Teagarden [Visitor]
Water keeps a lot of us sane. Thanks for the reminder. I once visited San Miguel and liked it, but a lot of gringos, no?
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In response to: PETE SEEGER

John Minivar [Visitor]
Peter Seeger was a great man and artist. So American, and so New York, and so strong in his convictions. He may be a greater heir to Whitman than anyone in recent times.
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In response to: Keith Keller Stories (1961-2005) Now Available

Barbara Hovsepian [Visitor]
I bought one of Keith Keller's paintings in NYC in the 60s. I still have it on display in my home.
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Joan Tittleman [Visitor]
It is a mad situation, but we made it all up long ago. No use complaining when the commerce of the nation is made up of admen whose pitches are meant to obscure and create profit.
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In response to: THE NEW WOMAN by Bill Pearlman

Ashleigh Banville [Visitor]
I don't think many women get the chance to strip naked and become Picasso's or anyone's perfect muse. It is a fabricated condition, not unlike the Pymalion story. It is not progressive, but I suppose it pays some homage to beauty. It won't stop, as long as men project such high importance to the physicality of women. Not that it is without fact, given that women keep the race going.
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In response to: Obamacare After All the Slander

Georgia Snell [Visitor]
The inertia in the US health system just about makes it impossible to get things really moving. It's too bad they couldn't have gotten a single payer, like Medicare. So much simpler.
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In response to: Thoughts on Alzheimers

Lou Forman [Visitor]
Sad developments in loss of memory and confusion is hard to deal with. It does seem to be on the increase. But I have nothing but respect for family and workers who spend time and energy with dementia. It is a tough job.
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